There is an old chinese legend about a young couple who were lovers. One day the young girl was attacked by a man eating tiger! No matter what her lover tried to do for her he could not save her and she died. From the depths of his sorrow and pain he was determined to seek revenge on this tiger, so he took his bow an arrow and went into the jungle, day after day in search of this tiger. He searched daily until finally he saw what he believed to be a sleeping tiger in the distance - - he was convinced this was the tiger he had been searching for. He drew his bow and arrow, took careful aim and released the pierces the tiger's body very deeply -- but not all is what it seems... ...Join LING on a tragic journey of LOVE, LOSS and REVENGE.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


so its been about 105 painful days of labourious animated
nonsense i have finished all animation/ o no the fun
doesnt stop...oh no sir because i have the joy and pleasure of
colouring every single frame again...
oh yeh and i have fun fooooocking fun!

ok i have been keeping my cards preety close to my chest so far...
not through choice i might add, just havnt been blogging as much as i
should have...of coarse there have been many changes since the last of which is the aesthetic,.

ok bare with me a second...for some reason i was trying to achieve
a very mature, painterly, textured aesthetic using inks and
parchment...all taditional like!? like so0000...

at first i was loving it, but it was soon clear that the choice of
aesthetic was incredibly hard to reproduce B/G after B/G...
ofcoarse im no chinese i was soon asking myself
"what the f%#k am i doing"

and so i headed towards a more graphic less detailed B/G aesthetic

ok i no it just a little tinkering in photoshop...
a few layer filters etc... but
i actually really like it,. its got the feel of chinese culture
but the graphic, solid, vector art feel of flash etc...
the characters also stand out more which is a real plus...
heres a few more examples of the new aesthetic - compared to the

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


i finally finished tinkering with my aesthetic...

I have been off the radar for almost a month now...but i feel all
is going well. I have almost 30 sec of finshed animation and about 1 min
worth of keys...i have also finished inking the first scene so hopefully
i will have a finished short teaser for wednesday.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Saturday, 10 January 2009




THE TIGER (not finished yet...)


Need to experiment more with shadows etc but you get the idea!?


i decided that colour should be dull and pasty...dont
like the look of solid digital colour...especially when
the image isnt completely digitally traced...i.e in illustrator etc
this being so ive reinforced the idea of the old parchment look.
after rooting around in my art materials i randomly found
a small piece of rice paper...exactly what the chinese use for
their lush using this as a backdrop for the robes, body didnt look so strange...well at least i dont think so...!?

As my colour palette is dull and grayish...colouring the tiger orange
didnt seem an option...dont get me wrong i most certainly pondered
the idea for a while...anyway i prefer white tigers...more magical i suppose




Friday, 9 January 2009

BRUSH PAINTED LAYOUT/ASETHETIC CONT loving the look of this ^^^
...everything i was originally aiming for...
unfortunately i didnt paint it...
...however, its exactly the style
im going to aim for from now on. It looks dull and somber...
has the feel of weathered parchment...and it incorperates
strong use of pos/neg space...large shapes -- small positive detail.

here's a new and improved step by step formula for
my proposed layout/aesthetic...its not completely there yet...
but its heading in a direction im happy with

my brush work isnt brilliant...but it is slowly improving as
i get more confident...oh and LING hasnt been coloured yet.
...ill post colour tests tomorrow.